The First Humanity Foundation Is Serving Mankind Through Free Education And Quality Healthcare Services

The First Humanity Foundation by Manisha Ranawat is creating a happy place for many children through its social services. This non-profit organization honestly concedes that every child has the freedom to get the best for a bright future, which is why the organization is fiercely committed to ensuring that children not only survive but prosper. For retaining social righteousness, the First Humanity Foundation is devoted to creating a healthy and educated society by providing generosity for the long term. 

The First Humanity Foundation is working to build a nation with a healthy and educated society through transformational leadership. The mission of the First Humanity Foundation is to serve humanity across the globe with proper and adequate education, health, and food. Manisha Ranwat's First Humanity Foundation, India, and Dubai team also organized a press conference last year felicitating honorable Dr. Bu Abdullah. The core idea behind this event was to recognize, encourage and celebrate the opening of the Dubai Office of The First Humanity Foundation. 

Access to education has always been a challenge for impoverished children. There are families in poverty where lesser-privileged children suffer for quality education. The First Humanity Foundation is set to establish a college in Gujarat, where pupils, regardless of class, status, and gender, can study any stream of their choice. The foundation is committed to providing best-in-class free education to underprivileged children. Through this initiative, they will help the students to gain self-confidence and finally become self-reliant, which is their primary goal. They aim to reach children in underserved communities. They hope to touch the lives of many and make an impact through this, mainly focusing on child development. 

Among the several challenges in the healthcare sector in India has been the lack of access to quality services for the poor and marginalized communities. The healthcare infrastructure came under vast concern during the pandemic and exposed its shortcomings. But organizations like the First Humanity Foundation are identifying the root causes of healthcare challenges and are coming up with ingenious antidotes. The foundation is working on a project of building a hospital in Varanasi. The organization seeks to provide sustainable healthcare services to impoverished communities. 

Manisha Ranawat and the entire group of young enthusiasts from different professional backgrounds who are a part of this foundation witnessed the plight of children from marginalized backgrounds. Their current priority is on educating children and furnishing them with proper healthcare. They carry the aim of fostering self-reliance and helping underprivileged children rise above their societal limitations.